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This website describes one of the first third-party iPod apps. While this website is still on-line for nostalgia, the app is completely obsolete these days. Don't waste too much time here!

If you're interested in one of my more recent (and, hopefully, more relevant) software projects, check out Dontprint—a paperless printer for scientists.

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What is Encyclopodia?

Encyclopodia is a free software project that brings the Wikipedia, which is one of the largest encyclopedias in the world, to the Apple iPod. Encyclopodia can be installed on iPod genarations one to four, as well as on iPod Minis and Photo iPods.


This is how Encyclopodia will look like on your iPod:

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Installation & Download

See installation Instructions for Windows or Linux & Mac.


Encyclopodia is free software, but if you find it useful and would like to give back, please consider to make a donation.

Development Resources

See specification of the Encyclopodia Ebook format.


I want to say thank you to the developers of the IpodLinux-Project for their wonderful work that makes programming the iPod so easy! Also, this software would not be possible without the work of thousands of Wikipedia-contributors.

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