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Encyclopodia ebook-Library

(To use any of these ebooks, you first have to install Encyclopodia on your iPod.)


The Following ebooks are available for free Download:

Note for Internet Explorer users: If Internet Explorer displays funny charactars after selecting the download mirror, press the back-button then the stop-button, right-click the link behind the sentence "If it does not, try ..." and select "Save as". Save the file with an ".epodia" filename extension.

The Wikipedia-ebooks are updated about every 6 months.

Installation and usage

Installing an Encyclopodia ebook is as easy as downloading the file and copying it to your iPod's harddrive. Here's the long form of the installation instructions:

  1. Install Encyclopodia on your iPod if you haven't already done so.
  2. Download one or more of the above ebooks and copy them to the following directory on your iPod's harddrive:

    (Where "G:\" is the device letter of your iPod; it might have a different letter on your computer)
  3. Eject your iPod (right click on the symbol in "my computer", then choose "eject") and disconnect the iPod from your computer.
  4. If you have a 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation iPod, hold down the menu and the play button for 5 seconds. If you have a fourth generation iPod or an iPod mini, hold down the menu and the select button for 5 seconds. This will cause the iPod to reboot.
  5. While the iPod boots, hold down the rewind button unless you have told the installation wizard to make Encyclopodia the default system. This will load the Encyclopodia System.
  6. Select "Ebook Library" from the Encyclopodia main menu. A list of your ebooks will be displayed. Select one to search for an article.


You can use the following MD5-checksums to verify the integrity of your downloaded files (if you don't know what MD5-checksums are, just ignore this paragraph). The checksums were calculated with the binary-switch, ie. "md5sum -b *.epodia".

1f2d7bb6139663cf5a90d8a441d722fa *wikipedia-en-20070206.epodia
47cf675b2a69c1458e26d04ff310a9fd *wikipedia-de-20070402.epodia
7a1040db620ad41a07d35b059b8f814d *wikipedia-it-20070330.epodia

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